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Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center
providing coordinated, comprehensive services to meet the care needs of the
individual resident and patient. The interdisciplinary team members will
collaborate with residents, patients, families, and staff to develop an
individualized plan of care for each resident and patient.
We strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations each and every
day, while promoting our core values: Communication, Compassion,
Dignity, Empathy, Integrity, Pride, Respect and Responsiveness.


Boca Raton Rehabilitation Center will endeavor to be responsive to the
ever-changing needs of the communities we serve. We will facilitate
resident, patient and family involvement and, by integrating into our
community, we will be the provider of choice for long term care in our
community. We will foster an environment that encourages learning
and embraces diversity in order to support the professional growth and
development of our staff members.